The iPhone CarPlay dock

is made exclusively for Audi TT, TTS and TT RS Mk2 Coupé & Roadster (Type 8J, 2006–2015).

Get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, listen to music…
all with Siri, focusing safely on the road. Just slide your iPhone in and go.

The dock naturally replaces the old ashtray in front of the gearstick. It recharges your iPhone and displays the CarPlay interface right on your compatible head unit (CarPlay-compatible HUs are for example made by Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood and Sony).

The iPhone CarPlay dock is made in strong and durable thermoplastic with an OEM look & feel. Unlike other products on the market, that are just simple plates with a Lightning connector popping out, the CarPlay dock for Audi TT is a true "slide & go" solution that doesn’t occlude air conditioner controls. Il also securely holds your iPhone in place even when braking, driving on a bad road or over speed humps. It remains flush on the center console and looks like an elegant solution made on purpose for the TT.

CarPlay Dock for iPhone 6s installed in Audi TT

2020 CarPlay dock for iPhone X/XS/11 Pro, 3D-printed in Black Premium Plastic.


The iPhone CarPlay dock is the perfect companion for your TT Mk2 — It is 3D printed and shipped by Shapeways, the world leader in 3D printed objects delivered in a matter of days to your door. New 2019 dock models, entirely redesigned with unique features, are now available for various iPhone models:

Click on items to purchase:

for iPhone X and XS for iPhone X and XS with thin case
for iPhone 6, 6s, 7 and 8 for iPhone 6, 6s, 7 and 8 with a protective case
for iPhone 5, 5s, SE  

By the way, odds are good that you came here from Shapeways website ;-)


New docks are available in two possible finishes:

  • White Processed Versatile Plastic (cheapest option): White nylon plastic. This is not a lower-end grainy plastic though: it is built with Stratasys SLS professional 3D printers. "Processed" means that the surface has been polished to remove some textured material and become smooth. N.B.: Once you've received your dock, we advise that you spray-paint it in black with some special durable coating designed to match OEM automotive plastics, like Black-It-Out aerosol from Evercoat in the US, or Montanta NTM 94 RV-7016 anthracite grey in Europe. Needless to say, spray before glueing the Lightning adapter… enthusiasts take note!
  • Black Premium Plastic (high-end option): more expensive but it saves you the hassle of paint post-processing. This black nylon plastic is beautiful, it looks like an OEM part with a smooth, kinda velvety surface. It is simply the best looking material in the additive manufacturing industry: made by state of the art HP Multi-Jet Fusion Technology, it offers excellent mechanical properties, strength, durability, stiffness and fine details, that make it great for functional parts.

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“Very very clever and love this design” — Francesco N. (UK)

“Congratulations, I love people who retrofit properly and tastefully.” — Max B. (UK)

“Heya, I love this product. Great work.” — Dom V. (UK)

“I got the dock some weeks before and it is great! Really, it has a very good quality.
Thanks again and also for you support.”
— Christian N. (Germany)

“Siri, buy a Carplay dock for my Audi TT.” — You Soon



Our docks previoulsy needed an expensive Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter ($29.00, now discontinued) as well as an old Apple 30-pin to USB cable… but this is not the case anymore.

Instead, all CarPlay docks now use a modern interface. Just purchase this little 90° Lightning T-adapter here. It costs about $3 including shipping (worldwide). Yes, that's 90% cheaper!

Fix the T-adapter to the bottom of the dock with two drops of SuperGlue deposited on its two faces, onto the green circle opposite.

Insert the adapter in the place provided for that purpose underside the dock: press firmly with two fingers on the ends of the adapter to avoid contact with the glue (wear rubber gloves if necessary) so it is completely flush with the walls. Wait for about 30s as is, until the glue has dried. Then the dock will be ready for use.

Thereafter you may reinforce such binding by depositing two additional lines of SuperGlue on the bottom of the adapter, where it touches the walls.

IMPORTANT: You'll notice the adapter is fitted with two female Lightning connectors, one with a lightning icon and the other with a headset icon. In order for CarPlay to work, you need to plug your USB to Lighning cable onto the lightning side of the adapter. To allow this unmistakably, fix the adapter accordingly onto the dock: the lightning icon must be visible, like this:

Pay much attention to this, as failure to do it properly (glueing the adapter the wrong way or not flush enough) will result in a useless dock, as you know cyanoacrylate is an instant and very strong glue. Once this has been done, this system allows the dock to be connected and disconnected whenever you want, so you can easily remove it in the future, leaving the harness in the center console, if you get a new car or phone.

The installation procedure of the Lighting T-adapter onto the CarPlay dock is compeltely detailed in this video:

Before installing the dock, first remove the old ashtray. Then, cut this little piece of plastic underneath, about 1.5 × 0.4" (4 × 1 cm) located under the ashtray, highlighted here in red:

It is part of the bottom of a U-piece below the ashtray. Doing this will NOT compromise the ashtray mechanism and you could totally remove the dock afterward and put the classic ashtray back, if for whatever reason, you'd want to change your setup again. Just make two straight cuts as in the picture. It is quite easy as the plastic is thin there, so you can simply use a manual hacksaw blade, like this:

A few minutes later, the piece of plastic will be removed and it will look like in the following picture. Be careful not to cut the teeter-totter pop-up mechanism. It's better to keep it because it will still work if you decide to put the ashtray back in the future, and it also works with the CarPlay dock that has been custom designed to be fully compatible with it (meaning you can remove the dock by pushing the eject button once it has been clipped in there). Neat.

Final connection requires a USB-A to Lightning cable runing within the center console. An Apple cable is fine of course, but also any 3rd-party MFi cable.

Remove your CarPlay head unit from the dashboard and slip the Lightning cable between the back of the HU down to the ashtray, through the center console. A metal wire or nylon fish tape can truly help you to grab and pull the cable in that tight space. Finally, connect the cable to the Lightning adapter at the bottom of the dock, and slide the whole assembly into the ashtray compartment. It will glide down properly through the hole that has been previoulsy made, until it becomes flush and well integrated:

The Lightning cable runs from the USB port on the back of the head unit into the dashboard,
down to the center console underneath the ashtray (follow the red line).

2020 CarPlay dock for iPhone X/XS/11 Pro (Black Premium finish) being connected to a 90° MFi Lightning cable,
before insertion in the ashtray (straight white Apple Lightning-to-USB cables work fine also).

First CarPlay dock prototype for iPhone 6 being inserted in the ashtray compartment.
FYI, the grainy coating of this prototype has been replaced by a smoother plastic in the production version.


You'll know how to put it the right way: the dock has a guide on the left side (highlighted in green in the figure on the right).


That's it! You CarPlay setup is now finished. Enjoy the ride ;-)


Alpine ILX-700 and CarPlay dock: the perfect combination for Audi TT!

If you're interested in how to install a 2-din CarPlay head unit in your TT in place of the original Audi radio or old RNS-E SatNav head unit, have a look at this topic on VWvortex forums.


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